Cookies and Cream Tea - flavored black loose tea

Cookies and Cream tea from Coy o’Teas.  Premium gourmet, loose black tea leaf, naturally flavored.  Sweet cookies and smooth cream combination!


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Cookies and Cream tea

Cookies and Cream dessert tea from Coy o’Teas – naturally flavored, premium loose black tea leaf.  Sweet cookies and smooth cream!

“Excellent creamy character with beguiling maple and honey notes. Sprinkled chocolate notes set the scene for a decadent afternoon.”

–The Manufacturer


This tea possesses rich, creamy flavor and aroma reminiscent of the famous cookies and cream ice cream.  It’s very popular among tea enthusiasts who enjoy a sweet and indulgent tea experience.  As a serving idea, this tea is spectacular with a splash of milk added to bring out the “cream.”  It bursts with flavor either way.
Luxury Ingredients
Black tea; cornflower, jasmine, rose, and calendula petals; organic natural flavors.
Sri Lanka / Kenya / India / Egypt / China / Albania
Caffeine Level
Antioxidant Level
If you are comparing this to our “Cookie Dough” tea, this one has a creamier flavor and more flower petals.  It is prettier in appearance, but does not have as much “cookie” flavor.
coyoteas store Cookies and Cream tea flavored black premium gourmet tea. Image©2023 A.M. Coy. cookies dessert tea
Cookies and Cream tea from Coyoteas


Serving Suggestion

One way to serve “Cookies and Cream” flavored tea would be to have it alongside chocolate sandwich cookies.  However, this tea really has a delicate flavor, like some sort of creamy confectionary, which could get lost in a heavy snack like sandwich cookies.

A better idea would be something lighter and more refreshing, like perhaps waffles with just a little butter and syrup.  The syrup would pick up the notes of maple in the tea.

If you wanted to go even lighter, you might try cucumber sandwiches: a light finger-food consisting of thinly-sliced cucumbers, bread, mayonnaise and/or cream cheese.  Look up different recipes to find one you like.  They are suitably creamy without being overwhelming in taste.  The combination would complement this tea.

Aromatherapy Uses

Jasmine and rose are both associated with physical passion.  They bring arousal as well as happiness.  Therefore, inhaling the steam of this tea may “put you in the mood”… or perhaps just a better mood!

Metaphysical Uses

Chocolate, jasmine, and rose are all ingredients symbolic of passion and love.  Therefore, all love deities would appreciate a tribute of this tea, and sipping on this tea will evoke those feelings, or summon forth someone who will fulfill those needs (depending on your intent while sipping).   Furthermore, maple and honey are both associated with sweetness of character (both in personality and taste).   Combine those two concepts: sipping this tea while focusing on both may help you be (or bring about!) a sweet-natured lover.

In addition, honey and maple were both treats given to honor the Old Gods.  So were jasmine and rose.  That is why you can leave some of this tea out as a noble tribute to please your Angels, Protectors, Ancestors, or What-Have-You.  They will enjoy it greatly!

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Weight3 oz
Dimensions3.0 × 1.5 × 6.0 in

Medium, Sample


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