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About Us

All about Coy o’Teas, the gourmet tea and gift shop.

Coy o'Teas Introduction

Our Background

Coy o’Teas is a small business located near Williamsburg, Virginia, USA.  Our founding partner is A.M. Coy, who holds a Ph.D. in Religion as well as a Doctorate of Divinity.

We were founded in mid-2004.  Dreaming Gates is our parent company, and thus we are a proud member of the DGates Group.  Dreaming Gates has been selling tea since 1996, so we are a natural branch from that section.

We are an LGBT+ and disability-owned business enterprise.  We gladly welcome orders from anyone, anywhere in the United States.

Our latest website incarnation was launched in February 2023.  It features nifty effects, better search functions, and a lower flat rate shipping.  Hooray!

Our Products

Coy o’Teas offers the best-quality tea, incense, and gifts at reasonable prices.  Our larger packs are available at wholesale prices to the public, right on our site.

We handcraft many of our products right on the premises, when you order.  Therefore, you can be assured that your goods are fresh and pleasing every time.
We pride ourselves in being a metaphysical as well as physical business.  You will notice, if you browse our store, that we list various uses alongside our products.  Some tips include aromatherapy, folklore, New Age, white magick, and Native American associations.  We stand by these and encourage everyone to enjoy reading them.  They all come from a place of Light, never darkness.
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What Does Coy o'Teas Sell?

We sell the best, whole-leaf premium tea and fresh, made-to-order incense on the market, as well as unique gifts exclusive to Coy o’Teas.  Our sales break down as follows…

Frequently Asked Questions

We charge a flat rate of $4.99 for all orders, to all addresses within the United States.  We recently lowered our shipping rate to give you a better value! 🙂

Our apologies, but at this time we can ship -only- within the United States.  International shipping rates have become too high to offer a fair deal to our customers.

Coy o’Teas has a 30-day Return Policy.  Customers can receive a full refund, less shipping.  There are zero restocking fees!  (N.B.: for health reasons, we cannot accept perishable or food returns.)  Please see our Shipping & Returns page for details.

No! Unlike many companies, Coy o’Teas respects our customers.  We protect your personal information and keep it private.  Furthermore, we strictly limit our marketing.  If you subscribe to our mailing list, we may contact you occasionally, but we keep that very reasonable and respectful.  It’s true… we hate spam too!

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