coyoteas Terms and EULA - Copyright(c) 2023 A.M. Coy. End-User License Agreement, Terms of Use.

Coy o'Teas Terms & EULA

These are the Terms and End User License Agreement for the Coy o’Teas website and products.

By using or viewing our site, or by purchasing or using products, you thereby agree to the following terms. 

You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Coy o’Teas, and all associated parties, for any damage or loss resulting from the use or misuse of its website, information, and/or products.

(In other words, we are not responsible if you burn yourself with hot, delicious tea.)


Some Safety Points

  • Boiling water, like the kind you use to make tea, is hot.  Wear oven gloves and/or other protective gear when handling it, to prevent burns.
  • Keep small items–such as jewelry and stones–away from young children, as they may represent a potential choking hazard.  (We mean the items, not the children.  You shouldn’t be eating children.)
  • Some of our items such as resin and incense require an open flame.  Flame is hot.  You must be very careful when using fire.  Incense and resins are especially hot after lighting–even though they may not look so!  Please be extra careful with these items and place them only on fireproof surfaces.  Also, protect your skin from coming into contact  with them after lighting.
  • The “uses” listed on our website are for entertainment purposes only.  They have not been evaluated by the FDA.  If you are injured or sick, please seek professional help.  We are not medical doctors.

… In other words, kindly do not sue us.


Business Practices

Here at Coy o’Teas, we strive hard to be fair and equitable.  However, experience has given us guidelines.

We reserve the right to do the following:

  • Refuse service to anyone for any reason… especially if they are rude.
  • Ask for an item’s correct price, because typos, technical glitches, and market shifts do happen.
    (Note – we will always clear it with you first, before charging more to your card!)
  • Hold shipment until payment clears (for example a check or money order).
  • Change our policies as necessary to keep them up-to-date.
  • Drink all the tea we want. Because we own the place. 😛

Payment Terms

We accept Paypal, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, Money Orders, and Checks.  We wait for payment to clear before shipping goods; this is nearly instantaneous except for the last two.

Payment is due in full at the time we receive each order.

Nonpayment: Should we not receive full payment, the party responsible for the order then receives an account and ongoing balance with us.  That party then becomes responsible for all costs incurred by us as a result of nonpayment, to include bounced-check fees, collection and court costs, etc.  Furthermore, we will assess a finance rate of APR+5.0%, assessed daily, on the unpaid balance beginning 30 days after receipt of the order.  We will do due diligence to contact the party in question; however, failure to receive or acknowledge our communications does not relieve the party’s responsibility to pay his or her account in full.

Governing Force

These terms and EULA shall be interpreted under the laws and court of the Commonwealth of Virginia and the United States.

(Therefore, if you do decide to sue us, you will have to drive all the way to Virginia.  And no one wants that.)

Copyright & "Borrowing"

Lastly, by using this site, you agree not to “borrow” or use our design, code, images, or text.  With the exception of some public domain images, everything in this site is Copyright ©1996-2023 Dreaming Gates™, Coy o’Teas™, or A.M. Coy.  Furthermore, Dreaming Gates and Coy o’Teas are Trademarked and registered businesses.


Thank you.

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