Casting Circle Incense Sticks and Cones

Casting Circle Incense sticks, cones, and charcoal cones. Premium incense, Dreaming Gates™ brand, very fresh, very strong, drenched in perfume-grade oils.


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Casting Circle Incense Sticks & Cones

Casting Circle Incense sticks, cones, and charcoal cones.  Drenched in perfume-grade oils.  Made to order and very fresh!  Premium Dreaming Gates™ brand.

“A resinous and alluring aroma, with sweet notes.”

– The Manufacturer

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For scent freshness and containment, our incense is sold in resealable plastic bags. For environmental positivity, we are phasing out paper labels and printed instructions. Instead, we offer our detailed Product Instructions page. 🙂
Metaphysical Uses

Casting Circle is blended especially to protect from harmful entities and to strengthen a protective circle cast for religious or magickal ceremonies.  It can also be used to call to angelic and protective spirits.

As a side note, if you happen to be summoning entities, please be extra careful.  It is important not only to cast protective circles, but to shield yourself as well by wearing medallions or blessed religious jewelry.  As with most things, a little preventive caution goes a long way!


This is a Dreaming Gates™ original blend.

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Casting Circle Incense from Coyoteas

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10 Sticks, 25 Sticks, 25 Cones, 25 Charcoal Cones

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