Behora Assam Tea - classic black loose tea (unflavored)

Behora Assam tea from Coy o’Teas. Premium gourmet, loose black tea leaf, Classic tea, unflavored.  Wonderful malty, full-bodied flavor in this second-flush, Indian estate tea.


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Behora Assam tea

Assam tea from Coy o’Teas – classic black tea, unflavored, premium loose black tea leaf.  A good, strong tea with full flavor.

“Behora’s soil gives a wonderful malty full bodied flavor. The astringency shouts ‘2nd flush’ – June production, the best time for Assam tea.”

–The Manufacturer



Experience the rich and robust taste of our TGFOP grade Assam tea, harvested during the coveted 2nd flush.

The full-bodied flavor of our Assam is perfect for tea connoisseurs, or for anyone who appreciates a strong and flavorful cup of tea.  The leaves are carefully processed to ensure the highest quality and taste.

Savor the unique and complex flavor profile of our 2nd flush Assam, with notes of malt, chocolate, and a hint of astringency that sets it apart from other teas.   Perfectly balanced and deliciously satisfying, our TGFOP grade Assam tea is sure to become a favorite.  Order yours today and enjoy a truly distinctive and satisfying cup of tea.

Luxury Ingredients

Good quality 2nd flush TGFOP black tea leaves.


India, Assam region

Caffeine Level


Antioxidant Level



This is TGFOP grade, meaning that is comes from the golden-colored tips of the tea leaves.  (TGFOP stands for “Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe”)


Serving Suggestions

Our Behora Assam tea has a robust, full-bodied flavor.  It pairs well with any number of foods, from chocolate to cheese, breakfast to steak.

To prepare your tea, boil freshly-drawn water and steep 1-2 tsp. leaves for 3-5 minutes (depending on your desired strength).  You can enjoy your Assam plain or perhaps with a dash of milk, sugar, or honey.

As for what to pair it with, the English often enjoy it with scones and jam, or steak and meat pie.  It is a highly flexible tea.

You can also drink it iced.  The taste mellows and deepens when prepared with ice, so that it changes slightly in character.  Many people enjoy it this way.

Physical Uses

Assam is known for its robust character and lasting punch.  While it has not the highest caffeine content, this tea is well-known amongst gourmet tea gourmands.  We recommend sipping our Behora Assam while studying or doing any late-night work.

Metaphysical Uses

This tea is picked at height of June, right around Midsummer / Summer Solstice.  For this reason, it captures the energies of Midsummer.  It is a powerful amplifier of other herbs, and can be used alongside them for beneficial effects.  Sip this tea before doing your meditation / spellwork, to get a boost from that Midsummer energy (not to mention the caffeine)!

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Behora Assam Tea from Coyoteas

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