Balinese Rainbow Jasmine tea - classic green loose tea (scented/unflavored)

Rainbow Jasmine tea from Coy o’Teas – classic green tea, unflavored, premium loose tea leaf.  Perfumed with delicate jasmine and osmanthus petals – fantastic aroma and taste!


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Rainbow Jasmine tea

Rainbow Jasmine tea from Coy o’Teas – classic green tea, scented/unflavored, premium loose tea leaf.  Perfumed with flowers – fantastic aroma!

“Exotic full floral Jasmine. Smooth green tea flavor. Long delicate floral finish.”

–The Manufacturer


Luxury Ingredients

Green tea; sunflower, cornflower, jasmine, osmanthus, safflower, and calendula petals.


China (Fujian and Yunnan Provinces) / Poland / Albania / Egypt

Caffeine Level


Antioxidant Level



This tea is beautifully filled with the petals of many different flowers.  It is lovely in the cup, and fills the air with the perfume of jasmine and just a hint of osmanthus flower.

Balinese Rainbow Jasmine tea from

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Weight3 oz
Dimensions3.0 × 1.5 × 6.0 in

Medium, Sample


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