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Choose Coy o'Teas

Here are some great reasons you should choose Coyoteas for your next online purchase!

Choose Coyoteas (aka Coy o’Teas) for exceptional products at excellent prices!

Sure, we offer a collection of great products like all-natural, gourmet tea, fresh-made incense, and unique gifts… but why should you should choose Coyoteas, specifically?

Coy o'Teas at a Glance


Top-grade loose leaf tea.

No chemicals, no dust, no fillers.

Just good, gourmet tea.

Great Value

3oz tea = 40+ cups brewed .

(That's 17¢ / cup!)

Keeps fresh up to 10 years unopened.

Full Flavor

Good loose tea leaves, never bagged tea dust.

Natural, organic flavors.

Top brands like Metropolitan.

No Guilt

No Calories in tea!

Have your dessert (tea) and lose weight! 😀

Just brew our flavors with sugar substitute.

Fast Delivery

Quick order processing +

1-3 day delivery.

Nearly all packages go out USPS Priority Mail.


Simple & recycled packaging.

Vacuum-packaging means less waste.

Plus 10% profits go to environmental causes!

Why Choose Coyoteas?

Fair Trade Tea & Gifts

Coy o'Teas specializes in gourmet dessert tea and exotic tea, plus premium incense, jewelry, gifts, and tumbled stones.  We offer the best quality possible, while  ensuring we carry only "fair trade" products.  That means they come from small estates and handcrafters, where the workers are treated well and paid fair wages.

Discount & Wholesale Prices

Our prices already represent a 20-50% discount below retail for the premium quality products we sell.  For example, you can buy 3 ounce, heat-sealed packages of loose leaf tea at that rate.  For a larger package, you can special-order 1.1 pound (500g) bags at wholesale rates.

Metaphysical Bonus

All goods are kept clean physically and metaphysically on-site.  As an extra service to our customers, we shield everything from negative energies while holding it for sale.  We employ salt, sage, plus blessings of Light and Reiki healing energy on some items.  Therefore, you receive a completely "clean," high-quality product.

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