About Us

Coy o'Teas Introduction

Coy o'Teas is a small business near Williamsburg, Virginia, USA. Our founding partner is A.M. Coy, an ordained minister who holds a Ph.D. in Religion as well as a Doctorate of Divinity.

We were founded in 2004, as a sister company to Dreaming Gates.

We hand-craft many of our products right when you order, so you can be assured your goods are fresh and welcoming every single time.

We pride ourselves in being a metaphysical as well as physical business. You will notice, if you browse our store, there are uses listed for our products with aromatherapy, folklore, New Age, and white magickal associations. We stand by these and encourage everyone to enjoy reading them. They all come from a place of Light, never darkness.

If you do not accept the uses, that's perfectly fine too--the product is still 100% useful without them. :)
Someone asked us recently: what got you into ... sell[ing] teas?

"I've loved exotic teas all my life. My mom used to take us shopping and there was this little tea-house where there were these big jars of flavored teas. I'd pick one or two and buy just like, an ounce, and then we'd come back in a few weeks and I'd buy a different flavor! It was an adventure to me." --Coy

More About Coy o'Teas

Coy o'Teas is firmly committed to environmental friendliness. For example, we recycle and reuse shipping materials we receive here.

Also, we use tea that is both environmentally friendly (organic when possible) and societally friendly (they are all "Fair Trade," meaning our growers and their staff are fairly paid).

We also provide a larger impact to the environment by donating 10% of our net profit toward environmental causes, including the planting of wildlife-friendly brush and trees.

Most importantly, YOU--and your satisfaction--are our highest priority. We are here to help! Feel free to send us any question or idea. We are happy to take special requests. Let us know how to make your order perfect!