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Sencha Kyushu Green Tea DECAF (sample)

Retail: $1.35  

Sample size (10-15g) gourmet unflavored, natural green tea, in foil-lined, protective baggie.

From the manufacturer: Good green tea flavor with longish sencha leaf style. All the goodness of green tea without the caffeine.

Luxury ingredients: Decaf green tea from China.

Caffeine: None (naturally decaffeinated with CO2, not chemicals). Antioxidants: medium.

Note: "medium" size package is 2oz rather than our usual 3oz because the leaf is large, and 2oz is all that fit into the bag. The price works out, however, because the tea is more expensive. So we can sell a smaller weight for the same price as our other teas.

Traditional Uses...

Green tea is good for relaxing and meditation. Sip some tea before you meditate, as a way to clear your mind. You can even use the tea as a focus for your meditation, closing down your mind and focusing only on the tea: its steam, its fresh taste, the warmth of it, and so on.

Important: this information has not been approved by the FDA. It may include tradition, alternative healing, and folklore. Please visit a doctor for serious illness!

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green, decaf, caffeine:none, antioxidants:medium
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