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Blue Lady Black Tea (medium)

Retail: $10.35  

3oz (85g) gourmet naturally-flavored black tea, in heat-sealed, thick, resealable bag.

From the manufacturer: A tasty tropical melange combining passion fruit, grapefruit, orange and grenadine flavor. Simply exquisite as an iced tea.

Luxury Ingredients: black tea, papaya and pineapple pieces, calendula and cornflower and sunflower petals, natural flavors (organic compliant).

Caffeine:medium. Antioxidants:high.

Traditional Uses...

Sip it hot or pour cold water over it and let it steep overnight in the refrigerator for a stunning iced tea!

Physical Uses: With papaya and pineapple, this tea is also helpful in digestion.

Aromatherapy: Citrus ingredients are used in aromatherapy to lift the mood. Widely used to combat depression and bring energy to a tired spirit and body. Breathe in the scent of this tea as you close your eyes and envision a healthy, happy mind and body.

Important: this information has not been approved by the FDA. It may include tradition, alternative healing, and folklore. Please visit a doctor for serious illness!

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citrus, fruit, iced, caffeine:medium
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