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Rainbow Jasmine (medium)

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3oz (85g) gourmet naturally-flavored green tea, in heat-sealed, thick, resealable bag. The manufacturer calls it "Balinese Rainbow Jasmine" but we prefer just "Rainbow Jasmine."

From the manufacturer: Exotic full floral Jasmine (grade 1). Smooth green tea flavor. Long delicate floral finish.

Luxury ingredients: Green tea, petals of sunflower, cornflower, jasmine, osmanthus, safflower and calendula.

Caffeine:low. Antioxidants:high.

Traditional Uses...

Physical Uses: Jasmine has been used for millenia in fragrances and skin creams, not just for its sweet, alluring, floral scent, but for the way it softens and heals skin. It is also an anti-inflammatory. Jasmine is, in addition, a flavor for candies and alcohol.

Aromatherapy Uses: Recent research1 has confirmed that jasmine oil massage has an elevating effect which could safely be used to ease depression and raise mood. It is also commonly used for soothing anxiety and bringing sexual arousal.

Metaphysical Uses: Jasmine is considered a very powerful flower. It is often used for love spells. (Please see, under Rose tea, our opinions on the proper use of love spells.) It is also a good flower to create self-love, which is very important to have. Let's do that instead.

For self-love, brew this tea with a rose quartz in the water. Let the two steep together for several minutes. And while it steeps, put your hands to either side and picture white and pink light coming from above you, down into the top of your head, and down through your hands into the tea. It does not have to take long, only a few minutes... until the tea is ready to drink. When you are done, sit back and admire your work. Congratulations, you have now made a Rose Quartz / Jasmine Elixir!

Sip it slowly. Inhale the sweet scent of jasmine and repeat out loud: "I deserve love. I love myself, because I deserve it!" Repeat this several times, while you mentally wash pink, glowing Light across yourself. Concentrate especially on the chest-area. Remember this: Jasmine is also a flower of healing and beauty, so use its power to see the beauty in yourself, and let yourself heal.

Oh, and the rose quartz? Wash it off and reuse it as many times as you wish. :)

Important: this information has not been approved by the FDA. It may include tradition, alternative healing, and folklore. Please visit a doctor for serious illness!

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floral, green, delicate, jasmine, caffeine:low, antioxidants:high
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