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Enochian Pyramid Cones (25 pack)

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Enochian Pyramid incense cones (25 pack). Blended scent - heavy and sweet, with spicy overtones.

Strongly scented and made fresh by hand in the USA, these cones are spiritually charged and blessed. Made from wood punk - charcoal free! (This scent is a Dreaming Gates exclusive.)

You will not find a stronger, better incense than this! Made on-site when you order.

Traditional Uses...

Used for astral travel and journeys along the Enochian Path. To use, you will be entering a meditative state. Sit or lie in a quiet area, with the incense burning to guide you. Stare into the rising smoke, watching it rise upward. Exhale slowly, letting your mind rise up with the smoke. Let it carry you. Feel your spirit and mind rise, until you are out of body and able to move about without moving your body. This is astral travel.

If you follow the Enochian Path, now would be the time to envision the Enochian Towers and walk your specific path. This blend is also very good for walking Kabalah and Golden Dawn Paths.

Journey wherever you wish, see whatever you wish to see. Just remember to keep yourself surrounded by Light, and do not stray into Darkness.

Important: this information has not been approved by the FDA. It may include tradition, alternative healing, and folklore. Please visit a doctor for serious illness!

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