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Flavors dessert, fruit, liquor, nut, cream, exotic, chai, rare teas
Samplers make wonderful presents
Herbs for tasty tea, medicine, & incense
Jewelry perfect for nature fans
Accessories strainers, infusers, measures
Special Order hundreds of flavors

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3 x    Rose Cones (25 pack)
1 x    Dragon's Blood Ink
1 x    Apple Black Tea (500g)*
3 x    Amsterdam Licorice Black Tea (500g)*
1 x    Leather Journal - Tree of Life
1 x    Goose Feather Quill - White
1 x    Banana Black Tea (500g)*
1 x    Arctic Raspberry Black Tea (500g)*
1 x    Apricot Black Tea (500g)*
1 x    Rose Sticks (25 pack)
1 x    Goose Feather Quill - Black
1 x    Rose Charcoal Cones (25 pack)
1 x    Apple Spice Black Tea (500g)*
2 x    Book of Shadows - Triple Moon Pentacle
1 x    Sandalwood Sticks (10 pack)
1 x    Sandalwood Cones (25 pack)
1 x    Almond Black Tea (500g)*
1 x    Dove's Blood Ink
2 x    Blueberry Pie Green Tea (medium)
1 x    Goose Feather - Black (clearance)
4 x    Charcoal, Roll of 10 (3 Kings 33mm)
1 x    Black Ink - 1oz.
3 x    Copal Resin
2 x    Swiss Hot Chocolate Black Tea (500g)*
6 x    Apple Black Tea (medium)
1 x    Green: Dragon Pearls Exotic Tea (500g)*
2 x    Strawberry Black Tea (500g)*
2 x    Enochian Pyramid Charcoal Cones (25 pack)
2 x    Peppermint (1 oz)
2 x    Nag Champa Charcoal Cones (25 pack)
2 x    Behora Assam (sample)
2 x    Tea Strainer - Empress Tea Room
2 x    Black Salt - 1 oz
2 x    Nag Champa Sticks (10 pack)
2 x    Measure Spoon for 1 cup of tea
2 x    Cinnamon Sibu Green Tea (500g)*
2 x    Clove Cones (25 pack)
2 x    Tea Starter Kit (Triple Gift Deluxe)
2 x    Angel Falls Mist Fruit & Herb Blend (500g)*
1 x    Blueberry Green Tea (500g)*
1 x    Crime of Passion Green Tea (medium)
2 x    Kama Sutra Chai (sample)
2 x    Night of the Iguana Chocolate Chai (medium)
2 x    Black: Organic Estate Assam Exotic Tea (500g)*
2 x    Indian Spiced Chai Black Tea (medium)
2 x    Faye Folk Charcoal Cones (25 pack)
2 x    Tea Infuser - Mesh Ball
2 x    Flowery Pentacle
2 x    Deluxe Gift Basket - Tea
2 x    Strawberry Charcoal Cones (25 pack)
2 x    Toffee Apple Fruit and Herb Tea (medium)
2 x    Blue Lady Black Tea (medium)
2 x    Celtic Dragon Pendant
2 x    Leah Cookie Dough Black Tea (sample)
2 x    Casting Circle Charcoal Cones (25-pack)
2 x    Celtic Knot of Life
2 x    Rainbow Jasmine (medium)
2 x    Indian Spiced Chai Black Tea (sample)
2 x    Lavender Butterfly Green Tea (medium)
2 x    Behora Assam (medium)
1 x    Faye Folk Cones (25 pack)
1 x    Crime of Passion Green Tea (sample)
1 x    Be Mine Chocolate Strawberry Fruit and Herb Tea (medium)
1 x    Hanging Censer - Small
1 x    Vanilla Sticks (10 pack)
1 x    Tea Tin, Square - Green
1 x    Rose Black Tea (medium)
1 x    Myrrh Sticks (25 pack)
2 x    Faye Folk Sticks (10 pack)
2 x    Holy Salt Gift Trio
2 x    Almond Black Tea (sample)
1 x    Celtic Twilight Charcoal Cones (25 pack)
1 x    Sandalwood Charcoal Cones (25 pack)
1 x    Kama Sutra Chai (medium)
1 x    Genmaicha Chai Green Tea (sample)
1 x    Black: Lapsang Souchong Butterfly #1 Exotic Tea (500g)*
1 x    Ti Kuan Yin Iron Goddess oolong (sample)
1 x    Amber Incense Cones (pack of 25)
1 x    Faye Folk Sticks (25 pack)
1 x    Rose Sticks (10 pack)
1 x    Hazelnut Tea (500g)*